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Since 2013, Truck Master Warranty has delivered the most feature rich, most covered parts, with the highest levels of liability along with competitive labor rates in the heavy truck market. Period! The value is in the details.

Why are all Truck Master Warranty programs insured? Simply put… an insured service contract is the ultimate customer/dealer protection you can provide. In the event there is a dispute or if our company ceases to exist, both the dealer and the end user are 100% covered for the term of their contract. In the event you are currently marketing an uninsured service contract, the seller or dealer is on the hook.

All Truck Master Warranty programs are fully insured by an A rated insurance carrier. Excellent value. What is the benefit of operating Specialty Administration Services? Speed, service, and market experts. Truck Master Warranty proudly boasts the heavy truck industry’s only heavy truck claims and administration company called Specialty Administration Services (SAS). The company was designed and built around fast, accurate claims processing with one thing in mind… world class customer service. SAS does not process claims for toasters, cell phones, or medical services. With over 100 years of expert heavy truck mechanical expertise, nobody serves your customer quicker or better.

We know the heavy truck customer, and completely recognize that time is of the essence to get the truck back on the road making money where it belongs. Ultimate value!

“In the warranty world, dealers often focus so much on the cost, not the value. Cost can sometimes be deceiving, until you really understand what you are getting and how you are being serviced…”
-Jeff Dobish, President of Truck Master Warranty
When Deciding on a Rock Solid, Insured Extended Service Contract Provider to Properly Protect Your Most Valued Asset… Its More Than Just the Cost

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